Suis-je Charlie ?

I’m not a fan of the French left-wing, dark satire weekly, but the Anglosphere press is going nuts over this week’s cover of Charlie Hebdo. The cover depicts Hurricane Harvey drowning neo-Nazis with the caption: “God exists. He drowned all the Neo-Nazis of Texas!” Celebrities are telling us this is “despicable.” Newsweek tells us that Hebdo is rejoicing in the death of Neo-Nazis. And countless … Continue reading Suis-je Charlie ?

Le Ruffé in Brest

Brest is an often overlooked port city in Finistère, the otherwise beautiful micro-region of Brittany. Mostly destroyed during the second world war, this blue-collar city was rebuilt with haste and without much taste. But what the city lacks in old-world charms, it makes up for in cuisine. One of my favorite places to eat at when I visit Brest is an intimate restaurant called Le Ruffé, … Continue reading Le Ruffé in Brest

Are the French xenophobic?

It recently came to my attention that Dana Wielgus, admin of the Facebook group for American expatriates in France, of which I’m a participating member, published a scathing blog post last year that The Local France unsurprisingly picked up: When the Grass Isn’t Greener: Falling Out of Love with France. The article—which essentially accuses France of being a racist, Islamophobic, low-wage country that is no better … Continue reading Are the French xenophobic?

Ahlam, by Marc Trévidic

French magistrate Mark Trévidic has published his first work of historical fiction: Ahlam. In France, Trévidic is better known for his non-fiction works concerning terrorism and the process of radicalisation of French Muslims as well as his numerous appearances on television and on radio to speak about this complex subject. Before reading Ahlam, which means “dream” in Arab, I had some reserve that his story would be a … Continue reading Ahlam, by Marc Trévidic

Conversations with Édouard Louis, 18 September 2016

Last summer, I devoured En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule and Histoire de la violence by author Édouard Louis. Recently, when I learned that the Le Monde was organizing a discussion with the young autofiction writer, I jumped at the occasion to attend the event. Entitled “Conversations with Édouard Louis,” the event was held in the Grand Foyer of the Palais Garnier in Paris last Saturday afternoon. (What an exceptional space for discussions!) François Busnel, … Continue reading Conversations with Édouard Louis, 18 September 2016

European Heritage Days 17-18 September 2016

The European Heritage Days (journées européennes du patrimoine in French) is a cultural event during which cultural monuments and sites open their doors to the public. The goal is to allow European citizens to enjoy free visits and learn about their cultural heritage. Started by France in the 80s, the event has spread to other countries within the European Union and is now sponsored in part … Continue reading European Heritage Days 17-18 September 2016

French Opinion Shifting Over Russian Sanctions

French members of parliament have voted to  lift the EU-imposed sanctions against Russia. The sanctions were imposed on Russia following the crisis in Ukraine. However, the document is non-binding and mostly symbolic. The resolution, supported by Les Républicains and far left parties, calls for the French government to protest the extension of the sanctions. Why? Because French opinion is increasingly leaning toward Russia. American intelligence simply … Continue reading French Opinion Shifting Over Russian Sanctions

Apprenticeships and Internships in France

My suggestion to any foreign student in France who hopes to be able to start his or her career here is to obtain as much job experience as possible. Employability is, obviously enough, a huge factor in being able to change your status from a foreign student to a worker in France. It just so happens that doing an apprenticeship (apprentissage) or various internships (stages) is the … Continue reading Apprenticeships and Internships in France

Bistro Jamon Jamon in Paris

After finding success in Bordeaux, Jamon Jamon has come to Paris! In the 3rd arrondissement of Paris to be exact. There, you can find everything you expect in a tapas bar: excellent wine, pata negra, pinchos, cheeses, and cured hams. Located near the metro Straussbourg Saint Denis, the bistro doesn’t require reservations. Two friends and I visited this restaurant before heading to see a play in the … Continue reading Bistro Jamon Jamon in Paris

The French Left Should Organize a Primary, Says Piketty

A few days ago, prominent figures in France’s left-leaning parties called for a primary to select the next presidential candidate, according to an editorial in Libération. Thomas Piketty and Daniel Cohn-Bendit are two of the big names to have signed the petition. The appeal states: “We want content, ideas, rigorous exchanges. We’re calling for a large primary of the left and ecologists..” According to Piketty in an interview accorded … Continue reading The French Left Should Organize a Primary, Says Piketty